CSX Carolina Connector Now Links with the Port of Savannah

In addition to bolstering the supply chain infrastructure within North Carolina, the CSX Carolina Connector terminal (CCX) is linking the Eastern part of the state to other key hubs in the US. Two years ago, it was announced that the Wilmington Midwest Express would provide a direct rail connection between the Connector and the Midwest. And, just a few months ago, a whole new connection with the Port of Savannah went online.


Linking the CSX Carolina Connector with the Port of Savannah

Port-of-Savannah-CSX-Carolina-Connector-159587792According to Railway Age, CSX has teamed with the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) to provide rail service between the Port of Savannah’s Mason Mega Rail Terminal and the CCX terminal in Rocky Mount, NC. This new service went online on September 7, 2023.

Highlights of this connection include the following.

  • 3-day transit time from Port of Savannah to Rocky Mount, NC. According to GPA President and CEO Griff Lynch, this means that “containers are ready for pick-up at CCX before they can even be unloaded from a vessel at other ports further up the coast.”
  • The Port’s Mason Mega Rail Terminal has 224 miles of on-terminal track, along with on-dock rail service to expedite container handling.
  • The new Garden City Terminal West yard at the Port of Savannah allows, according to Lynch, “importers to store retail goods or manufacturing components until they are needed, without the need to pay demurrage.” 3PL providers local to Rocky Mount, like Kanban Logistics, can help shippers to do the same near the Connector.


About the CSX Carolina Connector

The Carolina Connector from CSX is an intermodal rail terminal that sits on 330 acres in Rocky Mount, NC, which is located in the Eastern part of the state. The terminal enables rail containers to be offloaded from freight cars arriving at the terminal and then loaded onto another train or truck for final distribution.

The intermodal site can currently handle 1,250,000 containers a year. However, as the original 330-acre site has been built with the ability to expand to over 700 acres, the operation can grow relatively quickly to handle 2,500,000 containers a year.


Lean on Kanban Logistics to take advantage of the CCX/Savannah connection

If you’re looking to the Carolina Connector as a great way to incorporate rail into your operations, you’re going to need a 3PL partner for warehousing and other logistics services. Look no further than Kanban Logistics.

Kanban has over 1.5 million square feet of warehousing space in Eastern North Carolina, including a facility in Rocky Mount right near the Connector. This Rocky Mount facility can receive rail cars right up to our rail-sided warehouse and we can unload center-beam cars in our transload yard.

In addition to unloading your containers, we can provide long- or short-term warehousing of your products and can also prepare your outbound containers for export.

To learn more about how a local logistics expert can help you take advantage of all that the Connector has to offer, contact Kanban Logistics today.