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Manufacturing Logistics

Keep Your Cash Longer.

That’s the primary advantage of VMI services from Kanban.

Kanban has the warehouse space, the systems and the expertise to help you implement a vendor-managed inventory program with your suppliers. We can even work with these suppliers to ease the transition to a VMI model.

Benefits of VMI Services for Manufacturers

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Preserve Capital

You pay suppliers after inventory is shipped to your plant.

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Reduce Risk

If suppliers are shipping from another state, region or country, weather-driven and other delays can result in lack of supply and a line-down situation if they are shipping just in time.  VMI services help avoid this because inventory is close at hand.

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Reduce Administrative Time

Kanban manages suppliers and monitors VMI, freeing up your buyers to focus on more strategic work.


Case Study

VMI Services

Taking advantage of Kanban’s VMI services, a Fortune 500 manufacturer of equipment and appliances stored motors, steel, nuts, bolts, and packaging materials in Kanban’s warehouse very close to its factory. Inventory remained off the manufacturer’s books until parts were ordered. The company instructed suppliers where to store inventory and the minimum levels required


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