Kanban’s Most Popular Supply Chain Topics in 2017

As we get ready to shut the door on 2017, we look at the supply chain topics that garnered the most interest on our Kanban Blog this year.  Our most-read posts tackle a diverse mix of logistics issues: transportation, kitting, and certification.  Here they are again.

Top Kanban Blog Posts of 2017

#3 - Rail to Truck Transloading 101

supply chain topicsWhat’s old is new again as rail continues to play an increasingly larger role in modern logistics.  In this post, we look at one aspect of rail’s resurgence: rail-to-truck transloading.  It is a key supply chain tactic that combines the cost-effectiveness of rail with the speed of OTR transportation.

#2 - Understanding Kitting Services

Our second-most-popular post of the year deals with kitting – the act of taking the individual parts of a product, compiling them together in a “kit,” and delivering that kit to production.  Many 3PLs can provide this service, thereby removing an inefficient process from the manufacturer’s operation.

#1 - ISO 9001 Certification for Logistics Quality Management

When you’re researching prospective logistics providers, you may see that some of them are “ISO-9001-certified.”  What does that mean?  Is it a big deal?  How does it relate to logistics?  In our most popular blog post of 2017, we explore these and other questions related to ISO-9001 certification.

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