Kanban’s Top Blog Posts of 2018

As we gear up for 2019, we want to first take a look back at the topics that resonated most with the readers of our blog.  So, in this article, we unveil our three most popular posts of the year with the hope that the information in these posts – along with our entire library of posts – will help make you a better-educated customer of logistics services. 

Our 3 most popular posts of the year

Pick and pack fulfillment process
If, like many companies, your eCommerce operation is growing faster than you can manage it yourself, you may be thinking of handing off your order fulfillment operation to a 3PL.  We know that entrusting your ‘baby’ to another company may seem like a daunting prospect.  So, in this article, we seek to demystify 3PL fulfillment by showing you what happens on our end after your customer hits the “buy” button.

JIT system manufacturing logisticsFor manufacturers, there often comes a day where you look around your facility and come to a stark realization: “I’m wasting too much of my floor space for storage instead of production.”  Enter “just in time (JIT)” delivery.  It’s a major reducer of space, costs, and resources – and a key offering of many 3PLs.

Understanding foreign trade zone benefitsIf you have imports entering the U.S. now, but you’re not going to use them for several months, there’s a strategy that can help you save money until your goods are actually needed.  It involves storage within a “foreign trade zone” (also called a “free trade zone”).  In this article, we explain the benefits of an FTZ as well as the ways a 3PL can help you take advantage of one.

Happy Holidays

So, there you have it – our top 3 posts from 2018.  We’ll be back with a new year of new content in our Kanban Logistics Blog.  In the meantime, happy holidays to you and yours!