Kanban's Top Logistics Articles of 2022

Throughout the year, the Kanban Logistics Blog keeps readers informed of key topics and challenges within the supply chain. The following articles are the ones that readers connected with most in 2022.


2022-top-postsWhy Do You Need a Warehouse with Rail Siding?

With the driver shortage continuing to hurt trucking capacity while boosting its cost, many shippers are looking to rail transportation to move their products across the US. When such shippers partner with 3PL providers that have rail siding at their warehouses, the process of using rail is even quicker and more efficient.


Understanding 3PL Custom Kitting Services

For many manufacturers, pre-assembly of component parts is required during the production process. This assembly can take up a lot of time (as well as inventory space and manpower). To save a good chunk of this time – and money – many manufacturers utilize the custom kitting services of 3PL providers.


Can Outdoor Warehouse Storage Work for Your Products?

If your company is looking for warehousing space, you may be able to scout both inside and outside the facility, depending on your products. While the term “outdoor warehouse storage” may seem like oxymoron, some warehousing providers can store certain products in the open air outside of the warehouse but within the same secure warehousing campus.


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