Lean on Kanban for Mid-Atlantic Drayage

The recent accident at the Port of Baltimore is causing disruptions to imports on the East Coast, including at the Port of Norfolk and the Port of Wilmington, NC. Mid-Atlantic 3PL providers like Kanban Logistics can support your supply chain by handling drayage and container stripping services at both of these Ports.


How has the Port of Baltimore accident affected Norfolk and Wilmington?

The recent tragedy has affected volumes at these Ports in the following ways.

  • Increased Traffic: With Baltimore out of commission, some cargo ships are being diverted to other ports, including Norfolk and Wilmington. This sudden increase in traffic can strain these ports' capacity, leading to delays in unloading and processing imports.
  • Scheduling Changes: Ports like Norfolk are adjusting their operations to handle the additional cargo. This might involve extending operational hours or prioritizing certain shipments, which could further impact the arrival schedules of your imports.


Lean on Kanban for Mid-Atlantic Drayage and FTZ services


Kanban Logistics offers comprehensive drayage and container stripping services for shipments arriving at the seaports of Norfolk, VA, or Wilmington, NC. We handle the complete process of receiving containers, unloading and loading them, palletizing products, and performing necessary value-added services. These services include picking up containers from the ports, ensuring quick turnarounds by unloading containers within two hours of arrival, and promptly returning empty containers to the port to avoid demurrage fees.

Kanban’s drayage solutions are designed to navigate the complexities of short-distance container transport from ports to warehouses and other destinations for both imports and exports.  Our services include cross docking, which facilitates quick movement and distribution without long-term warehousing, and transloading for efficiently handling goods destined for multiple locations.

We also can perform foreign trade zone (FTZ) services for your imported products. Located in or near U.S. ports, foreign trade zones are secure areas that are under U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) supervision, though considered outside of CBP territory. Merchandise may enter the U.S. via a FTZ without a formal customs entry, without payment of customs duties or excise taxes, and without a thorough examination.

When the product is ready to formally enter the United States, these duties and taxes will then become due – on the product itself or its imported parts, whichever is lower.  If, however, the final product is exported from the U.S., then no customs duty is levied.

Kanban operates the only activated, general purpose foreign trade zone in Eastern North Carolina – offering 175,000 square feet of modern, climate-controlled storage space with rail siding, and a full service transload yard.

This integration of all of these services allows Kanban to offer a streamlined, one-provider solution that simplifies the logistics process, reduces paperwork, and manages inventory of your products effectively. And we do it all from our strategic mid-Atlantic logistics campus to help you reach your customers swiftly from the East Coast.

To learn more about our mid-Atlantic drayage capabilities as well as our other logistics services, contact us today.