Shopify Fulfillment Services: E-tailers Can Link to Any Fulfillment Partner with Shopify

If you use Shopify or any of the other popular eCommerce platforms, it’s easy to choose the fulfillment provider of your choice to process and ship these orders.  Shopify lists default fulfillment companies in its set-up module, but these providers may not be exact right partner for you to provide Shopify fulfillment services

Shopify fulfillment services  The choice of a fulfillment partner is extremely important. These are the last people to touch your product before it goes to the customer.  As such, you want people that can act as an extension of your operation, making sure the right product is sent on time and in perfect condition.

You can, and should, research fulfillment partners and choose the one that makes sense for your business, whether it’s because of their quality, location or services.  Shopify and other platforms make it very easy to set up this chosen provider to receive your orders.

Your partner for Shopify fulfillment services can even be given direct access to your Shopify account so that they can handle all order processing and shipments on your behalf.  This option saves you, the shipper, enormous amounts of time. You can focus on running your business without getting caught up in day-to-day fulfillment details.

Shopify allows you to stay informed and in control with the ability to check order and inventory status at any time through the system.

Kanban Is “Shopified”

Kanban Logistics just began receiving and processing orders for a company that uses Shopify.  Kanban customer service representatives work directly in Shopify to receive orders, which are batched to maximize picking efficiency. Pick tickets are then created for the warehouse.

After an order is shipped, shipment tracking information goes into Shopify and an email is automatically sent to the buyer. That buyer can also enter the tracking number on the E-tailer’s website to check status.

From the beginning to the end of this process, Kanban’s customer is not involved. Kanban’s direct access to Shopify allows the customer to enjoy the benefits of a true outsourced solution for Shopify fulfillment services. System inventory is updated with each order, so the customer always has a real-time view of available product.

Solution needed for small and mid-sized E-commerce shippers

With more and more sales moving online, logistics providers are adapting their operations to handle direct-to-consumer shipping.  Kanban is no exception.  One opportunity Kanban has recognized is the need that small but growing companies have for quality fulfillment services.

Many logistics and fulfillment providers have minimum volume requirements and won’t work with companies that are just launching their online stores. Kanban will start small and grow with customers as their business, and product, gains traction.

Pick the right partner for Shopify fulfillment services

Remember, eCommerce platforms like Shopify make it easy to integrate with just about any fulfillment partner you choose. So take your time and choose the partner that is right for you.